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Hymn # 1


Hey I know you are out there somewhere
I’m not sure if you see us or care
What you do is far too great a mystery
I believe I’m part of something bigger than me.

In a world that likes to tear itself apart
Do you have a plan to mend our broken hearts?
Or are we on our own to save the day
I’m just trying to find my way

All I don’t know is hard to comprehend
Why is a word that never seems to end
So I try to get the little things right
And let hope be the difference between dark and light

I don’t want you to buy me a ford
I don’t want you to save my soul
I just want to know you’re out there to day
I’m just trying to find my way

We’re all free to find our peace of mind

There are many different paths to reach your side
Everybody’s wrong and everybody’s right
It’s the passage not paradise
Sometimes I see you in all that I love

Your spirit lifts me high above
Darkness, despair and dismay
I’m just trying to find my way.

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