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June 20 th Freetimes Cafe – New David Storey Music Release

Finally tomorrow I hand in all the elements for my upcoming music/cd release. It is called “Coming Home” and is named for the last song on the album. It’s also a home coming for me personally as I have spent the last 25 years using my creative energies to help others realize their visions. It has been an incredible trip as I have worked as a director/producer with some of the best and brightest musicians, writers, comedians, producers and actors Canada has to offer. But now… finally for the first time in 25 years I’m stepping out there with my own project. It all started with music for me and here I am again.

It will be officially released on June 20, please mark that date on your calendar and join me and Lawrie Ingles at the Free Times Café for a David Storey music and video release party.

Yes that’s right I said video. In the break between sets we are going to debut on the big screen, well as big as the Free Times will allow, the music video for Last Loon on the Lake one of the songs on the album.

I will be releasing all the info on were you can pick up the album in the days to come. I also have a lot of gigs playing across southern Ontario so if you can’t make the Free Times show please consult my website davidstoreymusic.com for info.

Finally to celebrate here is a video of your truly performing at St Paul’s church in Brampton. The song I Can’t Complain is featured on the new release.


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