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The Story behind ‘Coming Home’ – In the Artist’s Words

About the tunes and inspiration in David’s Words

Last Loon On The Lake: “My daughter suggested I write a song about the last bird in the north all the others having flown south for winter. Song started out as Final Finch in the Ferns then I tried Remaining Wren on the Run then Damp Duck in the Ditch finally settled on Last Loon on the Lake”.

Crusty: “I had a bout with cancer, we wrestled each other to the ground but I am the one left standing. This song really helped me get through it”

St Adelaide: “volunteered at an organization that helps ex cons reintegrate themselves back into society. My wife cooked a big diner for them all then we sat around holding hands and singing hymns. After that each con told their life story. One woman ex con sitting beside me told a very emotional one and concluded it with “those who have been forgiven know a lot about love”. That stuck with me and became the basis for this song”preping in the barn

Can’t Complain: “I live in a small town outside Toronto. Not much different between ours and other small towns across the country. A lot of working people; a few of the kids fought in Afghanistan; some families have lived here for 5 or 6 generations. There a lot of ups and downs like anywhere else but I like to think that folks raised in a small town have a strong sense of who they are which helps them cope in this fast paced ever changing world.”

Sea to Sky: “I moved to Pemberton BC (the last town on the Sea to Sky highway) to become a mountain man but my Grizzly Adams beard was so patchy and grew at such a unruly angle that embarrassed, after about 3 years of trying, I had to leave”.

Time Truth and Trust: “I have a hard time writing love songs after 28 years of marriage…8 different wives but if you put the time all together….just kidding only one wife. Seems to me there are only two kinds of love songs:

1) Involves some kind of heart wrenching conflict that threatens to tear the relationship apart. …unfortunately my wife and I get along very well, so not much to write about there.

2) Simply gush unabashedly about how great your relationship and significant other are…. If I did that my wife would give me one of those looks that say: What are you 12 years old…grow up.

So I’m forced to come at it from a bit of different angle and thus I find it very hard to write love songs. However hopefully this albums one love song will make up for it. ”

Hymn # 1 “Grew up in a very Christian family, my grandfather was an Anglican priest. I wouldn’t say I’ve strayed as much as I’ve had a chance to think and ponder from a late twentieth, early 21st century perspective. He took what he needed from it in his time just as I do in mine.”

We are the Greatest: “a buddy and I used to shout “We Are The greatest” when we were 10 year old kids running around the country side terrorising (in a harmless kid like way) the small community we lived in. Everyone from the local crows, who we would shoot in the bum with our bb guns as they perched up in the tree branches (don’t worry they just grunted and flew away, no crows were injured in the making of this album) to old Mrs Spencer (all names have been changed to protect the terrorised) who would hang out her brazier to dry after laundering, which we promptly stole then used as a sling shot to hurl apples at passing vehicles, ran or scowled when they saw us coming. Tough luck helicoptered kids those days are long gone!”

I’m Commin Home: “spent a lot of time away on the road for long stretches of time. It’s very hard especially when the kids were young, but sometimes when things get sticky around the house my wife will say – don’t you have a TV show a tour you have to get back to..you know somewhere far away?”

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