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Quick Bio – Elevator Pitch

David Storey is Comin’ Home. Back on stage since 2011, he has enthralled fans with his simple but powerful and literate Folk-Rock ballads describing characters, situations and emotions that are delivered with wit and honesty. Twenty-five years of award-winning writing, directing and producing work in the field of television and movies had kept him away from his first love, music —until now. His debut full-length album is aptly named.

Short Bio

After nearly 25 years of achieving excellence by applying his wit, sensitivity and artistry in the service of others in the fields of directing and production for videos and television, David Storey is coming home to his first love: music.

His debut full-length release, Comin’ Home, contains all the aspects of Storey’s musical gems that fans have loved the most since he resumed composing and performing: wry wit and penetrating insights about life’s changes, characters and passions humorously and powerfully delivered.

Although not strictly autobiographical in nature, the title of his debut full-length album Comin’ Home, being released this summer, is an apt summary of where he stands today. An early musical career saw him get airplay, rave reviews and award nominations for his Roots-Rock songs, which were compared to John Prine and Steve Earl.

After leaving music to raise a family for 20 years, he initially helmed award-winning videos and tv specials for the likes of Tom Cochrane and Stompin’ Tom and Anne Murray. He then moved into comedy productions, eventually developing, producing and directing the hit television show and movie “Corner Gas” before going back on stage with his own songs in 2011 after the series wrapped.

Full Bio

If life is indeed a highway, as the song suggests, you could think of David Storey as a musical travel guide. During his nearly 25 years spent behind the scenes in studios and on location creating award-winning music videos, television series and movies, he’s met a lot of characters. He also still remembers childhood friends and acquaintances, loves gone by and the many dreams they’ve all lived and shared. His wit, intelligence, and ability to “find the extraordinary in the ordinary” as one reviewer put it, is now being directed towards his first love, music.

David’s creative career actually began with music. As a youth he played Folk and Bluegrass and toured North America with his school choir, then as a young man was in a Punk/New Wave band. He later released his own Roots-Rock compositions that got heavy college radio airplay, made a video that aired repeatedly on MUCH Music, and received nominations for a CASBY and Toronto Music Awards well as laudatory reviews from Toronto’s NOW weekly paper and Toronto Life magazine.

“Storey creates a beautifully rendered mix of electric/acoustic Folk Rock originals”, raved NOW¸ while a Toronto Life writer thanked him for “crafting intelligent songs.”

After becoming a father, however, David decided playing in bars might not be the most suitable vocation for raising children, so switched gears and started directing music videos for a living, achieving more kudos. His creative gift soared in that environment too, resulting in a Juno nomination and several Canadian Music Video Awards for his role directing Tom Cochrane’s “Life Is A Highway” video, which led to him helming numerous one-hour television specials for artists ranging from Anne Murray to Corey Hart.

One video that he directed was to change his direction again: after presiding over the comedic “Margo’s Got The Cargo” for Stompin’ Tom Connors, he was lured into the world of comedy production and spent twenty years directing many comedic projects, eventually culminating in him developing (along with Brent Butt), producing and directing the hit comedy TV show and movie “Corner Gas”.

After “Corner Gas” and its movie sequel finally wrapped a couple of years ago, Storey, with time on his hands and the freedom to choose his next direction, decided it was time to get back to his musical roots. He’d started performing at open mics in Toronto in 2012, where he was quickly recognized as a superior talent, and in 2013 released a five-song ep, Movin’ On.

His songs, which have been compared to John Prine and Steve Earl, are more than a cut above the average. Often wistful, sometimes playful, occasionally poignant and always incisive and memorable, Storey writes about unusual characters he’s known, situations familiar to everyone and the social and natural worlds around us. When it comes to the journey of life, David leads us on a tour of its nooks and crannies as well as its grand vistas, finding the hidden depths and inner resonances in them all.

As www.TorontoMoon.ca observed about his ep: “This thoughtful lyricist and soulful singer writes about the ironies and twists of life in a way that engages your brain as well as your toe-tapping muscles. There are elements of wistfulness, pain and more than a little bit of socio-political substance to some of his tunes.”

Now David’s own road of life is coming full circle as he is Comin’ Home to his music with the imminent release of a new full-length album of that name. The Storey story, it seems inevitable, is about to venture off towards another exciting horizon.

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