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Bravo! Awards highlights city’s top talents

From the Brampton Guardian By Ashley Goodfellow

David StoreyWinner Outstanding concert performance solo category

BRAMPTON— Brampton’s future looks very bright when it comes to the local performing arts community.

Once again, the young people of the city dominated the annual Bravo! Awards that recognize community theatre and music groups for their talents.

The 13th annual awards program, hosted and organized by the Brampton Arts Council (BAC), invites all BAC members to apply to participate in the program.

This year’s participants included Brampton Concert Band (BCB), Brampton Folk Club (BFC), Peel Choral Society (PCS), Peel Panto Players (PPP) and St. Thomas Aquinas (STA).

YouTube Video of one song from David Storey’s Award Winning Performance

A total of 19 awards were distrubuted during the ceremony, held for the first time at the Brampton Golf Club. New categories were highlighted this year to put more focus on young performers in the community, with the addition of Bravo Youth Awards for Memorable Performance by a Juvenile in a Leading Role; Memorable Performance by a Juvenile in a Supporting Role; Memorable Achivement by an Ensemble; and Memorable Moment by a Juvenile. These awards are in addition to the annual prestigious David Bloom Award for Outstanding Performance by a Juvenile.

Jason Saunders (music) and Heather Dick (theatre) returned as the festival adjudicators for the 2013-14 season.

Of the 19 awards, seven were presented to STA, six to PPP, three to BCB, two to PCS and one to BFC.

The winners announced were as follows:

• Outstanding technical achievement in cosumtes and/or hair and/or makeup— The Wizard of Oz’s Allanah Harte (PPP)

• Outstanding technical achievement in set and/or props— Keep Calm and Sing, Andrew Keats (STA)

• Outstanding concert performance (large)— Dance the Night Away, BCB

Outstanding concert performance (small/solo)— David Story (BFC)

• Outstanding technical achievement in lighting and/or sound— Electra, Jordan Khan and Diago Viteri (STA)

• Outstanding performance by an actor in a supporting role (male or female)— Self-Help by Dummiez, Brendan Jeffers for the role of Jerry Bond (PPP)

• Outstanding performance by an actor in a leading role— Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Alex Schwalm for the role of Muddles (PPP)

• Outstanding guest performer/group— The Jazz Mechanics (BCB)

• Outstanding musical direction of choreography of a musical— Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Andrea Hrgetic (PPP)

• Outstanding direction of a play or musical— Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Mike McKean (PPP)

• Outstanding concert series— Brampton Concert Band (BCB)

• Adjudicator’s Award: Jason Saunders for outstanding master of ceremonies— Mervin Fick (PCS)

• Adjudicator’s Award: Jason Saunders (for expanding the concert experience to include a magical winter adventure with dance, glitter, colours and tremendous spirit)— Mr. Grinch Explains (PCS)

• Adjudicator’s Award: Heather Dick (for all around outstanding musical ability and especiially the composition of a rich musical score that was emotions, raw and evocative)— Electra’s Zak Lalie (STA)

• Memorable performance by a juvenile in a leading role— Blood Brothers, Elliott Donovan in the role of Narrator (STA)

• Memorable performance by a juvenile in a supporting role— Electra, Brittany Georgeson for the role of Chrysothemis (STA)

• Memorable achievement by an ensemble— Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Aidan Eddy, Zachary MacDonald, Sara Hopkinson, Emily Eddy, Nathan McCollugh and Josh Vatcher (PPP)

• Memorable moment by a juvenile— Keep Calm and Sing song I Feel Pretty, Gabriella Circosta, Jessica Pierre and Jenna MacDougall (STA)

• David Bloom Award: Outstanding performance by a juvenile— Blood Brothers, Leah Borneman (STA)

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