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David Storey’s – Coming Home Reviewed by Scott Bruyea – Over 20 years ago David Storey started something special. You could find him performing in Toronto music clubs like Lee’s Palace, The Horseshoe and Sneaky Dee’s, building an audience while garnering critical raves and award nominations.Storey’s career path was soon altered, however, and life took him in a divergent direction for a spell, to develop and produce stories in a new way with different tools. Now the Inglewood resident has come full circle to embrace music, the love he left behind, once again.
The result is Coming Home, a collection of original musical anecdotes full of honesty and a clever wit that land on the ear effortlessly as Storey paints pictures that Canadians will recognize and understand – heroes left behind at the lake, surly life survivors, lovers reflecting on years together, and mythical wisps “rippin’ through the alpine,” with the beautifully crafted “Saint Adelaide” standing out as one of his most touching performances.

However, every tale leaves a taste of hope and gratitude, and when you wind your way to the title track at the end, you’ll understand why we should all be happy to have David Storey back behind his acoustic guitar, embracing his first love.

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