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Movin’ On – 2012

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Moving On EP Released 2005

Moving On – A Lyrical triumph and strong album by David Storey

Movin On is a 5 song EP written in a time of transition. David had just finished producing and directing two very successful TV shows, Hiccups and Corner Gas. He had spent 12 years living and working in western Canada and was ready to close that exciting and rewarding chapter of his life. He moved back to his native Ontario and began to seek out new challenges.

Movin On is a simple but beautifully rendered EP featuring Storey’s guitar work and vocals. He is the only musician on the record which was recorded in Revolution’s Studio C – the singer songwriter studio.

Hang On: “written in the throes of what one might call a mid life crisis. Rather than rush out to buy a Porsche I packed the family up into an old Ford Escort wagon and moved to Vancouver. I wasn’t very popular for a while but we all stuck with it and it turned out to be a positive life changer for all of us.”
Bring It: “I play a lot of Beer League hockey. One evening our goalie couldn’t make it so we hired a rent a goalie. I sat beside him in the Locker room and was flabbergasted to learn that that’s all he did. He charged 50 bucks a game and averaged 10 games a week. That’s 500 a week, 2000 a month, over an 8 month schedule that’s 16,000 a season. He was a really good goalie!”

I Ain’t Workin: “Living the creative life in Canada is a real roller coaster ride, its feast or famine. The longest stretch I had with no work was 3 years 97, 98 and 99. (Moved to Vancouver in 2000). With a family to raise it was a scary time. However you can let it freak you out or you can have some fun with it. I chose the latter.”

Beautiful: “If you have kids look in the mirror, don’t sugar coat it, and tell me I’m not dead on with this song.”

What the Press Says about Movin' On

“Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, sometimes with and ironic twist, is a theme that runs through rootsy singer songwriter David Storey’s debut CD “Movin On” – Toronto Moon Magazine

“David has such a talent and eye and feel for interpreting Canadiana colour and essence on film and in song. It was a thrill to study is work. Favorite track Hang On.” – In the Hills Magazine

“His delivery is full of passion and driven in a way one usually associates with younger punk/emo singers.” – Canada In Tune Magazine

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.99 per Track

1 Hang On
2 Bring It
3 I Ain’t Working
4 Beautiful

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