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They do it all .. Includes digital distribution, downloads by track or entire album, plus they ship out cds – also they get a lot of traffic on their website – probably much more than indiepool .. sounds like a good choice to me ..

Bravo award winning singer songwriter David Storey’s new album “coming home” is a well crafted rugged rumination on life north of the 49th. Recorded in a renovated barn by renowned producer/engineer Darryl Neurdorf (Blue Rodeo, Neko Case) the album was built in the heart of a frigid Ontario winter.

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New Album by David Storey

“There was only one gas operated heater in the barn and it rattled so loudly we had to turn it off during takes. That heater was a great motivator, if you gave a bad performance you froze until you smartened up and did it right, only then would producer Darryl crank it back up.” jokes storey.

The album has its big emotional moments but is balanced by the lightness of storey’s humor and lively arrangements.

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